One-third of Americans can’t eat without their cellphones, study finds

A study commissioned by Nutrisystem found Americans are easily distracted during mealtime by their cellphones.

Americans can’t even eat a meal without having their cellphone closeby, according to a new study reported by SWNS news service.

Among 2,000 people surveyed, one in three people are distracted when eating and 29 percent said their phone accompanies every meal they eat.

The study was commissioned by Nutrisystem, the weight loss company, which also found that 72 percent watch television while eating.

When asked what makes eating more enjoyable, those surveyed said watching TV rather than conversation with friends and family.

“Early research has shown that taking a mindful approach to eating may help you lose weight and consume fewer calories and fat,” said Courtney McCormick, a corporate dietitian at Nutrisystem.

Thirty-four percent of Americans also said they eat so fast in front of the TV or while on their phone or tablet that they can’t believe how quickly they’ve devoured their food.

“What we’re eating, how much, and how often — those are the things we think about when we’re trying to lose weight. The part we probably focus less on, however, is how we eat. And that is just as important. And it starts with putting down the phone and turning off the TV.”

Portion control was also measured, with 57 percent saying they have a difficult time controlling how much they eat.

McCormick added that “American’s portions have become so big. And because people are used to eating out, they consider portions at restaurants to be the correct size, when they’re often four times as large. Learning portion control is key to weight loss and maintaining a healthy weight.”

Evidence shows a direct link between portion size and obesity according to the National Institutes of Health.